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carol burnette

Carol Burnette original oil on canvas painting by Todd Peterson

Todd Peterson presenting his tribute piece to Carol BurnetteCarol Burnett has always been a close part of my life. Her humour has touched me deeply and always ignited that spark within my creativity. She has given me the gift of laughter that has shown me through adversity and I recently had the chance to show my appreciation to her through a fundraiser for Cancer patients that I volunteered to assist.

My meeting with her affected both of us and I will treasure it forever. I had created a piece for her and presented to her while in rehearsal for her one woman show. She was stunned on first impression, confused if I had wanted her to sign it. I calmly said, “I signed it for you.” She became gently at ease and welcomed me in.

I explained my story and of how her humour gave me strength and we spoke of the power it can bring in adversity. I couldn't help the tears from flowing, overwhelmed with the genuine affection she presented to me and the compassion she showed me. We spoke and then as she was being ushered out, she turned and raced back to me and we hugged, really hugged.

She was overwhelmed by my gesture and I was told this by her handlers. And later that night I raced through the audience fielding questions for her to do anything I could to make her show an amazing success. It was a meeting that changed me and gave me the strength to continue with my operations facing them with humour and optimism. I will always cherished the time we had together.



Todd Peterson next to his completed tribute piece of Carol BrunetteTodd meeting his idol